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Cholera and Diarrheal activity

What is happening with diarrheal illnesses. If your destination/location is on the list, be careful! Condensed from Promed

Hanoi, Vietnam
A new outbreak involving approx 200 people has been traced to contaminated food consumption. Directly from Promed “The Hanoi People’s Committee has banned the use of shrimp paste at
restaurants. The Ministry of Health also warns northern people to not eat half-cooked food, especially shrimp paste, raw seafood, goi ca (made of raw fish and vegetables), and fermented pork roll.”  


Continued problems in Kirkuk, Sulaymaniyah, and Erbil in northern Iraq. Fortunately , the strain seems mild and can be treated, mostly, at home.


200 deaths and 16,162 cases this year, Nepal is starting to have a problem. Authorities attribute it to flooding and contaminated drinking water.  Most of the problem seems to be in the Kathmandu
and Nepali districts, although there are sporadic reports from all over the country.

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