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I got an e-mail about a great website and even better courses in expedition medicine.
Check out their website here:

This group is UK based and run a variety of classes, from beginner to expert. If you are looking for a good introduction to wilderness and expedition medicine, check out their UK based classes. If you already know a bit and are looking to get some serious experience, they have classes all over ther world, geared to specific skills and climates.

Sean Hudson is an expedition doc and also one of the instructors. He writes some really good information over at under the expedition medicine section. I also have contributed to the site, as well. I guess that makes me biased, but there is some great info, over there. Mark Hannaford is another instructor with lots of experience taking care of adventurers.

The Expedition Medicine website has loads of great information, ranging from jobs for those looking to work in expedition medicine to brilliant links and articles. It is worth a look!

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