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Missed Lariam/mefloquine dose?

A pretty common question I get is about what to do when someone misses a dose of mefloquine (Lariam). Well, here it is for the 3 questions I got this week:

A weekly medicine for malaria prophylaxis as well as treatment, lariam is common used. The 250mg/week dose is advised for prophylaxis and if it is missed, the time in which this is remembered is key.

If only 1-3 days after the missed dose, take the missed dose and then resume your original schedule. If more time than 2-3 days has elapsed since the missed dose, skip it. Just resume your regular schedule. Do not double up on doses, close together.

Of course, if you begin to expereince fevers or malaria like symptoms, make sure to get check out! Also, if you have a missed dose and choose to just resume your normal schedule, remember that mosquito bite prevention becomes even more important!

A bit of info on this medicine can be found here Lariam

Good question!

For some more malaria infor, visit the AD Malaria page and for some tips on avoiding mosquito bits, there is a page on that, too.

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