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Dengue Updates

The good people at ProMed Mail has just sent out some new info on Dengue activity. For the “hard core” out there, you can get all the info form the above link. Here’s a brief summary on where they are saying the problems are:

Martinique, Carribean
Still in the apparent midst of their Dengue epidemic, the island nation of 430,000 people have a total of 6,400 suspected cases, this year. A few fatalities due to Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) have also been reported.

A total of 80 confirmed cases here, with most of them being in Belize City or Corozal District. The government is encouraging citizens to help decrease the mosquito population by eliminating standing water and potential breeding sites.

Costa Rica
24,000 new cases, this year. Puntarenas and Limon seem to be the host spots, in the country. Also, there are 250 reported cases of DHF.

80,000 new cases this year with the provinces of Dong Thap, Tien Giang, and An Giang leading the number of reports.

Karachi, Pakistan
After being a little shy about sharing information on new cases, Karachi hospitals have started talking. 534 new cases this year and a bit of a problem with correct diagnosis, it seems. There is some speculation of under-reporting the number of new cases due to problems with their testing methods.

If all this bug and infection talk got you interested, check out more on Dengue Fever over at: Adventure Doc Dengue Page

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