I know it is not a technological miracle that I was able to link the newly started blog and the website, but I am pretty damn proud of myself. I am not the best in the wordl, when it comes to websites and publishing, etc. Well, just visit the site, and you’ll see.

I am glad I can finally make some “on the fly” posts about updates, outbreaks and other stuff that is is little more dynamic. I only update the website one per week and sometimes, that is not enough. Day job…what can you do?

I spent part of the day drooling over the new Wilderness Medicine Conference and being pissed I can’t go. I also saw some pretty cool field gear over at this site NARescue.com. They have some pretty decent looking trauma kits, airways, packs and diagnostic kits. Definately worth a look.

I also read a pretty good article about “Aircraft Cabin Air Recirculation and Symptoms of the Common Cold”. The study looked at the main factor of recycled air in the cabins of commercial airliners and its risk factor for catching a cold. The article basically said there was no increased risk of catching a cold while flying, commercially. I got the article from JAMA July 24/31, 2002 Vol. 288 No. 4. I always thought I seemed to get sick from commercial air travel. I guess not.

I am getting ready to work on the section of the website for “wilderness and remote orthopedic care”. Where to begin? How detailed to go? Ahhh, who cares, nobody reads this anyway.


  1. I just bookmarked your website. Good stuff. I travel a lot, often adventure travel, and I seem to get hurt rather more often than I’d like. I generally stay well, but even there, more stuff is discovered every day — and hey, I’m not getting any younger, and I find that things hit me now that never bothered me before. So thanks for the info.

    Thanks for the links. And congratulations on learning how to make links.

  2. Fantastic new additions to the site! Love the Babel Fish translations!
    Very interesting to hear commercial flying does not necessarily make one ill from recirculated air.

    keep up the good news!!!!

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